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We work closely with victims and their families who are confronting the ongoing challenges of a catastrophic personal injury. We have a long track record of securing significant damages from those responsible, and we have earned a reputation for being relentless in our advocacy for our clients.

A personal injury case is a legal dispute that arises when an individual suffers harm and damages from an accident or injury, and someone else may be legally responsible for the harm and damages. A personal injury case can be resolved in court proceedings or through settlement before or after a lawsuit has been filed.

A formal lawsuit begins when an individual (plaintiff) files a legal complaint against another person, corporation, business, or government agency (defendant), asserting that they acted negligently or carelessly in connection with an accident or injury the plaintiff suffered.

Some personal injury disputes may be resolved through settlement. This typically occurs among the plaintiff and defendant, their insurance companies, and attorneys. Settlement is commonly achieved through negotiations or mediation and is followed by a written legal agreement in which the plaintiff and defendant agree to resolve the matter through a financial payment. When a case is resolved in this manner, the plaintiff and defendants waive any further legal action on the case.

A plaintiff has a limited time in which to file a lawsuit. This is called the “statute of limitations”. The time dictated by the statute of limitations begins when the plaintiff suffers an injury. Statutes of limitations are established by state law and can vary by type of injury and state. In Idaho, the statute of limitations for injuries to an individual is two years.

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Every case is unique, including yours. We will do our best to provide you with an evaluation given the limited information you are able to provide in the form to the right. In short, the more information you give us the better.

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A potential personal injury case involves a comprehensive understanding of the facts, procedures, and law. If you have been impacted by an accident, we will consult with you and evaluate your case at no charge to determine if you should pursue a lawsuit.

We work closely with victims and their families confronted with ongoing challenges of catastrophic personal and other injuries. We have a long track record of holding responsible those at fault and securing the damages that victims deserve.

Every case is unique, including yours.

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