Civil Rights

We are advocates for those who have experienced discrimination or been denied rights guaranteed to them under the law.

Civil rights are the rights of people to be treated equally. They protect individuals from bias, discrimination, harassment, targeting, and other unfair treatment. These rights exist under various circumstances where a state, local, or federal government is involved and include areas of your life such as employment, education, and obtaining government benefits.

In general, your civil rights entitle you to equal and fair treatment regardless of your age, national origin, religion, gender (including sometimes gender identity), race or ethnicity, or disabilities. To obtain fair treatment and compensation in this complex area of the law, one must navigate and comply with many rules and deadlines of various agencies and courts. Obtaining experienced legal counsel in this area early in the process is essential to preserving and protecting all your rights.

How we can help

We are advocates for those who have been discriminated against or who have been denied rights guaranteed to them under the law.

If you believe you have suffered a violation of your civil rights, please talk to us. It can be difficult to determine which laws apply to your individual situation, and who is responsible for the harm you have endured. We will evaluate your case and explain all options available to you so that you may get the best possible outcome for your case.